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Rob McClure, Lesli Margherita, Celia Rose Gooding & More Join Broadway Whodunit?

August 11th, 2020 | By Lindsey Sullivan

As previously announced, former vlogger and Dear Evan Hansen star Andrew Barth Feldman has created Broadway Whodunit?, a virtual murder mystery series in which Broadway stars are the suspects, and the audience gets to be the detectives. The latest installment, Escape from Camp Eerie, begins on August 30 at 6PM ET. Head here to purchase tickets.

The cast will include Rob McClure as camp director Terry Connelly, Lesli Margherita as camp owner Violetta DeCheese, Solea Pfeiffer as the yoga, embroidery, etc. instructor Guinevere Sekelsky, Sky Lakota-Lynch as group counselor Joshua Rosenbaum, Gabrielle Carrubba as the other group counselor Emily Rosenstein, Jason Tam as investor Yani Van Monaco, Feldman as the investor’s son X7Ü Van Monaco, Alex Boniello as lunch master Doug “Doogie” Boggins, Celia Rose Gooding as CIT Rebecca Garfinkel and Will Roland as Groundskeeper Mort Havel.

The detectives (audience members) will be able to go between different “rooms” on the series’ website to follow the clues, watch the mystery unfold and find the murderer. Participants will not know the ending and neither will the players.

The first installment of Broadway Whodunit? took place on August 1.


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