Place des Arts — Montreal


Place des Arts plays a vital role on the Québec and Montréal stage. Not only is it at the forefront of the development of local performing arts and Québec’s openness to the international artistic world, it is also one of the key players. Its more than four decades of history are marked by superb events and discoveries.

As a public organization serving all Quebecers, the Société de la Place des Arts is devoted to showcasing the performing arts. It manages five performance halls in Montréal, as well as the Amphithéâtre de Lanaudière. Place des Arts is home to major artistic organizations, and works to make various forms of the performing arts accessible and to promote Québec’s artistic and cultural life.

To fulfil its mission, the Société welcomes, produces and co-produces artistic works from Québec and abroad, organizes public-awareness and audience-building activities, provides specific services and specialized technical equipment to artistic organizations and producers, and lastly, draws up performance agreements with various partners.

Thanks to an active presence in the artistic milieu and its strong responsiveness to the needs and expectations of both audiences and show producers, Place des Arts is a veritable hub of Montréal and Québec cultural life.


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